• 03/15/23 - First day to submit Scholarship applications.
  • 04/21/23 - Last day to submit applications.
  • 05/09/23 - Scholarship Interviews - Day 1
  • 05/10/23 - Scholarship Interviews - Day 2 (if needed)
  • 05/16/23 - Scholarship Results Communicated
  • 06/01/23 - First day to submit renewals.

For renewals please follow this process:

Brushy Mountain Scholarship Guidelines

  • Scholarships are limited to any eligible student who is a eligible to attend or lives in the Wilkes Central High School region or Brushy Mountain Ruritan Members' children.

  • Scholarships may be renewable if the student is enrolled full-time as an undergraduate and maintains a solid academic record for four years.

  • Graduate scholarships will be limited to Ruritan members, spouses, and children of members.

  • In order to receive a scholarship, the student must be interviewed, in person, by the scholarship committee.

  • The Scholarship Committee follows a weighted scale and assigns points to each applicant based on information provided on the application as well as during the interview.

  • The following areas are evaluated by the committee: 1)interview skill, 2) work/volunteer experience, 3) special family circumstances.

  • If a student lives in the area from (but not including) Country Club Road to the Wilkes County line on Brushy Mountain Road and/or it's tributaries including Lithia Springs Road, Vannoy Road, and Ball's Mill Road, points for residency are added to the student's score.

  • If the student or his/her parents are members of the Brushy Mountain Ruritan Club additional points are given.


    Ruritan is a national organization dedicated to improving communities and building a better America through Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service.

    The first Ruritan Club was chartered May 21, 1928, in Holland, Virginia. Since that first club, Ruritan has grown throughout the United States of America, and in doing so, has become "America's Leading Community Service Organization."

    Tom Downing of Suffolk, Virginia, and Jack Gwaltney of Holland, Virginia, are known as the co-founders of Ruritan. Gwaltney and Downing recognized the need for an organization where community leaders could meet and discuss ways to make their community a better place in which to live.

    The name "Ruritan" was suggested by Daisy Nurney, a reporter for the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot newspaper, and the club's charter members unanimously adopted "Ruritan" as the organization's name. The word is a combination of the Latin words for open country "ruri" and small town "tan," interpreted as pertaining to rural and small town life.